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How MedEssist Can Help You Open Your New Pharmacy:

Scheduling System
When you're new and alone at the store, control your time and effort by carving out times for patients to see you. Set a precedent and enjoy the convenience of a scheduling system included with your subscription, offering both in-person and online registration options

Online Registrations 
Grow your patient population with those who value the convenience of technology and don’t like making phone calls. Our online Smart Form system uses patient-friendly language and an intuitive question-by-question interface to maximize completion, save you hours of time and prevent you from duplicating effort.

Clinical Assessments
Use our clinical tools to complete SMART assessments in 5 minutes! Our system guides you through a comprehensive workflow, including yellow flags, red flags, clinical tips, prescribing, and follow-up. You'll also be able to complement any questions you have by using our AI to help assess niche situations.

Refill or create new prescriptions with MedEssist effortlessly. Patients enjoy having no login or app downloaded, so they don't have to remember passwords or system updates. In addition, notify patients when their order is ready using text or text templates so you don't have to play phone tag with patients.

Communication Tools
Save time and energy by connecting with patients through custom email, texts, and interactive digital campaign banners, all designed to keep patients informed and engaged right from your pharmacy website. This greatly minimizes phone calls at the store when you're trying to get work done! 


Key Features to Grow Your New Pharmacy

Digital Storefront
Use MedEssist to put yourself on the map! With our digital storefronts, pharmacies can customize the interface patients interact with and showcase the wide variety of pharmacy services offered at your store. 

Marketing Materials
Elevate your pharmacy’s reach through built-in marketing tools. Our marketing materials are designed to boost patient engagement and ensure your services and promotions are communicated effectively to existing and new patient demographics. 

Pharmacy Metrics Dashboard
Take control of your online presence with MedEssist’s comprehensive metrics analytics dashboard. Our pharmacies use this information to manage bounce rates and leverage unique opportunities, like repeat customers, manage healthcare promotion opportunities and even collect patient reviews to build trust. 



5 Reasons to Launch Your Pharmacy with MedEssist:



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MedEssist has been such a great tool in the pharmacy, and I’m so glad we launched our pharmacy with it this year!

It has made a difference in our pharmacy launch through its seamless integration with our pharmacy workflow. The extremely user-friendly interface streamlines minor ailment assessments and follow-ups, as well as unique pharmacy-specific consultations that we do for our patients, saving time and helping us thrive in our practice.

With so many pharmacists on the team, what sets MedEssist apart is their commitment to staying updated within the pharmacy landscape, practice-setting guidelines and the latest developments in educational programming. Functional updates and new features every week help keep our pharmacy team ahead in patient-facing settings, from compliance changes to technological advancements. Their proactive customer support is second to none, and we're always supported by thoughtful answers from other practicing clinicians. Overall, MedEssist is a game-changer, making our lives easier in an ever-evolving profession constantly demanding more from us. If you're seeking an intuitive, reliable platform to support you in how a modern pharmacy needs to operate in 2024, I highly recommend MedEssist.

Brian Mok

Pharmacist | Bayside Medical Pharmacy | Toronto, CA

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