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A complete solution to transform into a pharmacist-led clinic

 We've partnered with NPs and MDs to support you in assessing and prescribing for more conditions.


The problem and our solution 

More than one in five Canadians do not have a primary care provider. To help address this issue, we are empowering pharmacists, in partnership with NPs and MDs, to assess and prescribe for more conditions.


How it works   

Step 1 - Patient Intake

Offer your patients convenient access to your services via a user-friendly website! Our platform simplifies appointment booking and intake, whether done online or in-person. Before each appointment, patients complete a digital intake form (available on your website or at your pharmacy via email, text, or QR code) ensuring that you have all the necessary demographic and clinical information for safe and efficient care. 

Step 2 - Guided Assessment

Streamline your assessment process with our interactive clinical workflows, which are digitized medical directives created by NPs and MDs! Our platform organizes intake information into an interactive clinical assessment form, with up-to-date clinical guidelines, to help guide you through the assessment process.

Step 3 - Guided Prescribing

Provide prescriptions confidently and easily with our prescribing tools! Generate a prescription on the spot, if appropriate, with the support of our embedded prescribing safeguards (such as the inability to generate a prescription in the presence of red flags, preset treatment options to choose from, mandatory follow-ups, and more) created by NPs and MDs.  

By following these three simple steps, you can expand your services and rebrand your pharmacy as a pharmacist-led clinic, increasing your role in patient care without the need for additional staff or renovations, while also building stronger patient relationships, improving patient loyalty, and diversifying your revenue streams. While you have the flexibility to set pricing for these additional services, many pharmacies are charging $20-$30 per assessment. 


What will be available in my province? 

Coming to more provinces soon!

Transform your pharmacy

All participating pharmacies will receive:
  • Access to interactive clinical workflows, or medical directives, signed off by an NP or MD, enabling you to assess and provide prescriptions for more minor conditions on the spot. 
  • Access to MedEssist's clinical support team via intercom, phone, and email, to address any clinical inquiries that may arise. 
  • Free marketing materials, including storefront posters and handouts, to promote your new pharmacy services
  • Free potential promotional support from news media outlets, which may help you raise awareness and drive engagement within your community. 

Let's make a meaningful impact on healthcare access in Canada. 

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I signed up because I think that it's important for patients to have access to care. I live and work in a rural region where we continue to lose family practitioners, and I want to be part of the solution. Pharmacists are extremely underutilized in the healthcare sector within our current framework. We are incredibly well positioned to help with the access to healthcare crisis that exists in the province right now. So this program is definitely a step in that direction.

Kristen Watt

Pharmacist | Kristen’s Pharmacy, ON, Canada